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Invest in Durable Tile Throughout Your Entire Property

It was once believed that tile was only compatible with certain rooms of the house. Fortunately, this philosophy has fallen out of style. Perfect for any room, tile adds durability as well as a fresh, clean, and artistic feel. Flooring Outlet carries an extensive line of tiles from top brands, so stop by our convenient location today to get a hands-on look at our amazing inventory, which includes a large selection of mosaics.

Over 450 Tile Styles to Choose From

Add Years of Life to Your Tile with Repair

• Porcelain

• Ceramic

• Stone

• Rubber

• Vinyl

Have your tiles seen better days?  Have you been considering a large replacement project?  Why not give our experienced technicians the opportunity to examine the tiles to see if repair isn't a better option?


Often times we'll be able to repair certain areas and particular tiles, completely solving the problems you're experiencing. You'll never notice a difference and you'll save cash on the cost of full replacement.


Schedule Precise

Tile Installation


• Linoleum

• Travertine

• Mosaics

• Companion Groupings

• Walls / Floors

Tile is Perfect for Any Room in the House

Nothing Matches the Timeless Class and Elegance of Fine Tiles

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